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    Posted on March 21, 2012 by in Indian Politics

    This is the first time I am writing a blog in my life. I can’t stop crying by looking at my beloved motherland suffering from recent terrorist attacks and the aftermath going in my home country. Thanks to the politicians who made me to express my vengeance on them.

    If anybody has any doubts, if we are not following the Gandhism in our country, the last four years or so is a perfect proof for them that we are still the followers of Mahatma Gandhi. He told us only to show the other cheek, if one slaps on one cheek. But, we are showing the terrorists another city after they attack one city…. Mumbai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Delhi Malegoan, Mumbai……city after city….YES, WE ARE THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF GANDHI.

    I was thinking about who is a leader and who is a politician? Can these politicians call themselves as leaders? I want to start from the top level, is our Prime minister a leader? If so, why didn’t he save us from terrorists or lead us in a right direction by avoiding the attacks. If he is a leader, why didn’t he take the responsibility for the attacks instead of making the home minister resign. PM is equally responsible in selecting such an irresponsible team of ministers in his cabinet. Is Shivraj patil a leader or a politician when he said “Got rid of the burden” when they made him resign? Was he feeling that the ministry a burden after shamelessly enjoying the power for four and half years even 30+ terrorist attacks happened under his rule. Is he a leader or a politician who changed his suit 3 times for press meets when the blasts happened in Delhi? These are the leaders and followers of the nation for which Gandhi fought for by not wearing a shirt also.

    Is there anyone a leader in the opposition parties? Why are they blaming the government instead of co-operating in taking the right measures? Why didn’t they address the nation along with the government at least to show the enemies that WE ARE TOGETHER when there is a crisis? Why didn’t they stop the attack on parliament when they were in power? What are they doing with the arrested terrorist who is enjoying all the FIVE STAR amenities in jail?

    Was Sardar Vallabhai Patel a leader, when he resigned from his railway ministry by taking the responsibility when there was a train accident. OR was R. R. Patil a leader who was reluctant to leave his ministry instead making a comment “It’s common that these kind of things happen in large cities like Mumbai”. Was he out of brains? Is Vilasrao Desmukh a leader when he, doesn’t want resign himself… but for the sake of of High-command, took out his sons and film makers to visit the effected areas at the expense of taxpayers for their security. Is Achutanandan a leader when he made a comment on the BRAVE officer’s family “Even a dog would not have glanced at that house had it not been (Major) Sandeep’s residence.” Friends, These are a few examples of the heights of our so called “political leaders”

    In my opinion, there is a lot of difference between a leader and a politician, but our system invented a new term that is “political leader”, so that they can always be politicians under the blanket of a leader. They seldom become leaders at the time of elections and wear the politician’s suit as soon as they get elected.

    All I want to cry here about is, are we electing the politicians or the leaders to rule us? Whichever the party they are in. Why don’t we open our eyes and look up to the families of slain officers like Hemanth Karkare, which rejected Rs. 1 crore from Gujarat CM and NSG officer Unnikrishnan’s father who threw a Chief Minister out of his home. Why do these shameless brats need NSG/SPG security with Z-plus category? If they are of true leaders, why do they need such kind of security at the expense of our hard earned pennies? Are they elected to give the security to normal citizens or to enjoy the safest possible security at the expense of taxpayers? Why do these less than 1% of population need the safest security with the best armed forces when the entire nation’s security is at risk? Why can’t these politicians roam around in their own constituencies without security, after all they are with those people who elected them.

    Because, it is a prestige to have NSG/SPG or Z/Y category security these days, not only to those politicians, but their families. Not only when they are in power, but even when they are out of it. Can we recollect at least a single incident where these politicians/families faced any kind of attack by the anti-social elements, except their own personal enemies? NO, there was no single incident in 61 years of independence. But, still we are carrying the burden of providing the BEST security to these politicians (not leaders) and their families.

    Don’t they have money to arrange their own security, THEY DO. YES, each politician can afford theirs’ and their families’ security with their salaries itself. They can also provide employment to thousands of aspirant youngsters. But, they want to save each and every penny when they are in power to make sure that they can be elected next time by offering the same money to the voters. If not them, they will make sure that their wife/son/daughter would become a politician for the next few generations. Don’t we have younger leaders? Why do we need politicians who are aged 80 and lick the high-commands’ boots for some or the other power? Who the hell on this earth would think to kill these guys? I can understand that it is mandatory to secure our leaders when they are in power. But, why are we paying for the securities of politicians and their families for their lifetime?

    You and me don’t care about all these things, because we are busy in earning our bread for the day. We are more worried, if we have a job and our brothers and sisters have jobs. After that, we are worried about our cousins, friends, then our community, caste, the region and the religion. Even if we have some time, we will go out for a good movie or a nice restaurant to have some peaceful time. But, folks…THEY ARE NO LONGER SAFE.

    At least, lets start here and NOW. Lets think about OUR OWN security, forget about the society and the nation. Yes, we can do something for ourselves, please don’t think “what can I do alone”. YES YOU CAN. YES, you can influence at least 2 – 3 people around you. Please don’t think that politics are dirty. If we think like that, they are making our lives dirtier and the dirtiest possible. No more Politrickle (yes, trickle) speeches around us or in the screen (TV) in front of us.

    Don’t stay away from the evil, try to face it…..and change it, otherwise, WE ARE NOT SAFE.


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