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    Now that everyone is aware of the fact, no other nation supports INDIA in attacking against its enemy. They act according to their interest. Few nations are jumping onto the action this time, because their citizens were part of the victims of the attacks. It’s their interest to show their citizens that the government is working. They are putting diplomatic pressure on the so called civilian government which makes a different statement everyday. The countries which put the pressure on that government are well aware of the fact that actual decision makers are not those jokers who blabber whatever that comes out of their mouth and blame the press for publicizing what they ACTUALLY spoke, so that they can take a ‘U’ turn on their own statements. The pressurizing nations also knew that they are not doing what is required, but they still do it to show that they are working on behalf of the victims. They didn’t do the same kind of diplomatic activities when their nations were the victims of attacks, but they pressurize INDIA to not to act against its enemies similar to what they did against theirs. It is simple, because it will conflict their interests. The creators of the terrorists are none other than the 2 big nations for their own self interests during the cold war. I don’t think any terrorist organization would acquire lethal arms and ammunition without the support of some military/government’s co-operation. Now, those nations knew that they are safe guarding the terrorists because of the fear that the whole world will come to know what they did. I was going through this article which gave me more insight.

    No nation talks about the list of wanted terrorists that INDIA requested to hand over. All of them are aware of the fact that those terrorists are international terrorists, but they were the backbones of the secret operations of a few countries and they can’t openly agree to it. As long as their countries are not a target, they don’t want to insist on their hand-over process. British government gave 6 Million pounds to Pakistan immediately after the Mumbai attacks. As a common man and a close minded person, it looks to me that British were bribing them to make sure that their country is not a target in near future. If they are giving away the money to fight the war on terror, why can’t they ask for the accountability? Why don’t they demand for questioning the arrested terrorists within Pakistan? They came to INDIA and questioned the terrorist alive, why don’t they demand Pakistan to give them access to the arrested terrorists when these nations are actually funding the operations against those terrorists. The funds are going into the country on the name of “War on terrorism”, but, I don’t see the news on arrested terrorists or interrogation of arrested terrorists on Pakistan’s soil. I never understood why they don’t insist on arresting the terrorist whom they themselves declared as global terrorists and wanted internationally. Doesn’t it be called as “War on Terror”? The real problem I understood when I read Jeremy Hammond’s article above. It made my thoughts concrete that every nation acts according to their interest, but not to help each other.

    Coming to our own country, when the entire nation was mourning for the victims of recent attacks, a central minister comes out with a suspicious statement and tried to divert the attention of the nation and no one dares in the administration at least to condemn his remarks. That is nothing but the fear of loosing certain community votes in the coming elections. There were plenty of unnoticed religious leaders to second the statements of the minister. Did we elect the leaders who are afraid of defending their own government? I am not against any community or any political party, but at least the elected people should be able to defend themselves and condemn the wrong signaling remarks by a responsible minister. I don’t think the religious freedom is a sole right of a minority community, but also everyone. As long as there is a fear of sacking/condemning the leaders of certain community, I don’t think there will be a strong action against the culprits of that same community. As long as there is vote bank politics attached to the decision making, no fair justice would be expected. Why are we so insecure? Because we neither can defend ourselves nor can attack the enemies. The present government is acting purely according to their self interest. Everything is related to winning the next elections. I don’t think any political party is an exception in this regard. Every party wants a piece of it. Mr. TVR Shenoy is one of the columnists whom I admire for his specific analysis and details, here is what he wrote: http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/dec/27mumterror-why-congress-wont-make-antulay-say-sorry.htm

    This article explained how bad we are going day by day. I pity myself having such kind of leaders and political parties to rule my country. I don’t know how the self esteemed leaders stick to the powerless chairs when they don’t even have a freedom to make a statement against their subordinates. If a prime mister has to take permission from his party chief to make press statements, I don’t understand how different we are from a dictatorship. Is the government working for the interest of a single family or the interest of the nation and its people? I am sick of looking at these family centric national parties. I don’t see anything different in local political parties as well. Only few families think that they were born to rule the rest for generations and they solely act according to their interests, nothing beyond that.

    Coming to the common man, you and me, I was following the news articles online (most of them are INDIAN based). All I come to see is fighting themselves in the comments section. I don’t see any of them making any sense to the news items; they divert the topic onto North/South Indian or Hindu/Muslim religion. I personally call them educated illiterates and they are the root cause of the instability in INDIA. They never try to help anyone around; instead they always back bite the system. When we, as citizens, ourselves are so hateful to each other and expect others to be friendly and not to attack us. We make a big cry about the inability of our government for not acting against the nations. I have no idea how can we be unite and bring in the people’s government when the so called ELITE people fight within each other. When the whole world was looking at us and expecting us to change and do something ourselves, we start looking at each other with a suspicious and hatred feeling. I strongly feel that this is how we are getting divided and divided and there is no end to it. We don’t want to accept our wrong doings, instead we find a nice excuse to support ourselves and we buy it instantly. Everyone can easily have an exception for everything they do, but we need to realize somewhere that we are spoiling the system ourselves. We have to make sure that the self interest is not crossing the line of constitution. I don’t see anyone at least acting according to their self interests. Forget about helping the person next to you, but at least we should get rid of the hatred feeling. If you and I are acting according to our self interest, we still can do it without harming/hating the other person.

    After writing my previous article, I tried to have conversations with my friends on the similar lines of changing ourselves; all I got in return was personal attacks. Most of their response was to wait and see, if someone comes out and changes the system. They want to support that kind of a person. I was asking them to support me to bring the change by changing themselves, but they have a family they can’t do it. Their excuse was that they have to act unconstitutional because of their family’s interest. To get things done for their family, they have to act according to the situation and get away to make sure that their family is not suffering. In their opinion, it’s O.K. if ONLY ONE out of the entire population is not following the rules and there won’t be any change if ONLY ONE person follows the constitution, as all the others will not follow. BUT, REMEMBER, THEY STILL WANT TO SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO CAN CHANGE THE SYSTEM. FYI, The people I spoke to, everyone was highly educated. In their opinion, everybody is corrupted, we can’t do anything now….that is the reason they are acting according to their interest.

    In conclusion, I observed, starting from the international community to the person next to you, EVERYONE ACTS ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN SELF INTEREST.

    NOW, I am prepared to see the comments on what is my self interest in posting this here…………

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