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    I have been closely following the aftermath of Mumbai attacks. I believe most of you are doing the same as well. I couldn’t control so many questions that have been popping up in my mind and am still thinking loud here. I again want to mention that my perspective is purely personal and not intended to point at anyone and my blame game is only limited to me. NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO FOLLOW MY IDEOLOGY.

    So, another attack happened and we came out of it with a damage that no one would ever thought of having on the financial capital of INDIA. What’s next? Should we just move on? I guess, media is already sidelining it, as they have another HOT TOPIC of assembly elections and results. I was going back and following some of the old literature to see if ME, as a common, can learn any lessons. What’s happening since the days of 1993 blasts in Mumbai? It has been learned and identified by our agencies where the terrorists were coming from. Please visit this link

    I am expecting the same is the result this time too.

    I am not going into the details of the international community backing INDIA. The investigations identified a lot of culprits and it took 15 years to bring them to justice, they are yet to be punished. It is common known fact that there were lot of politicians/bureaucrats/filmy people involved in backing the prime accused and in bringing such dangerous explosives into the country. All of them escaped by saying that they were corrupt and helped them by taking bribes, but they were not aware of the “massacre” that was going to occur. To my knowledge, lessons should have learned by our so called leaders and babus MUST be that no single official in the customs (especially, at the ports of entry into the country) and the police should be more attentive and not to allow anything to come into the country without knowing WHAT IT IS. But, the lessons learned were well documented and kept under the tables.

    I have been recollecting the major incidents that made me disturbed since then. In 1998 Feb, again the terrorists attacked with human bombs in Coimbatore. I don’t think these bombs were made within the country. From then on….terrorists are targeting INDIA at regular intervals with much more sophisticated armory/explosives every time…to recollect a few, Air India flight hijack in 1999, Parliament attack in 2001, Gujarat riots in 2002, Mumbai blasts in 2003, Delhi and Bangalore blasts in 2005, Mumbai and Varanasi blasts in 2006, Hyderabad blasts in 2007, blasts in Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Delhi and the latest in Mumbai in 2008.

    There must be something identified/learned from each incident and should send strong signals to those people who directly/indirectly involve in such kind of acts that they can not do it next time. If we take the Air India flight (IC 814) Hijack, I strongly think that was purely an administrative fault in handling it. There was a very good chance at Amritsar to attack them or to stop them not to fly from there. As everyone knew, much to the embarrassment to the nation that our NSG commandos were stuck in traffic. Terrorists realized that there was something going against them and made the pilot to take-off in 30 seconds. We would have caught/killed 5 more terrorists in addition to the 3 terrorists released in exchange of passengers, if the NSG used a flight/choppers instead of going by road. We would have stopped attack on parliament and many other blasts, as our agencies identified that the mastermind behind the parliament attack was LeT and the prime accused was one of those released terrorist in exchange of passengers. This was the case in most of the incidents, as those released terrorists increased their grudge on our country.

    The lessons learned must be, at least, to deploy the security forces as soon as possible on the site to prevent more damage. But, same mistake happened during the latest attack, as they made NSG to sit at the airport for 4 hours and they were not directed to go in into the Nariman house immediately even after they reached there. At least, few of the hostages would have been saved if our admistration learned lessons.

    I do understand that there are many policies and procedures need to be followed at the highest level to take decisions on these kind of crises situations. But, it was evident during Rajiv Gandhi’s (founder of NSG) period that they used IAF aircraft to deploy NSG in Maldives in an hour when they thought that there was a coup. I believe that a PM can make it happen.

    Coming to my point of argument, had there been anything that we (you and me) should learn from the past. Forget about everything, at least to secure our life, the very existence. I don’t think we learned anything till date. Again, my blame game starts with ME. YES, I AM BLAMING MYSELF, for my mistakes. I have done a few mistakes, somewhere I am responsible for doing things that are not correct. I am at mistake for not doing my part right as a Citizen. I want to mention here, how is the police or the other officials got corrupt? We made them corrupt. Yes, we are capable of giving them bribes and we never thought of thinking twice whether that was right or not. All we want is, getting things done. We always think, what will I do alone. Even if I do, the person behind me will not do the same thing and no one will follow, the entire system is corrupt and let me get away from it and get my work done. The person in front of me thought the same thing. The person behind me did the same thing, and the official didn’t bother to verify what he has in his baggage/vehicle etc, as the officer got used to it with two people before. Likewise, the terrorists/anti social elements get their things done and the result is a crime. One of my friends indicated that there is a difference between CORRUPTION and CRIME, I believe that they have egg and chicken relationship.

    Pardon me, if I am offending anyone reading this, but I want to mention that we are all at mistake. We have explanation for everything and anything to defend ourselves. We find a nice explanation by telling that I/you cannot do anything alone, THE ENTIRE SYSTEM/SOCIETY IS CORRUPT. What is a society/system? Are we not included in it? YES, we are the part of a society and we are making it corrupted and more crime vulnerable day by day. I am taking a routine example, If we don’t have a driver’s license, we will still drive as we are confident that we know how to drive, if we get caught…first thing we do is avoiding the fine, instead giving the bribe to the officer. If we really want to take a driver’s license, a lot of things have to be done, we have to go to RTA office…stand in line and give a test….etc. That is all waste of time. We don’t have that much time, but we will have time to stand in line for our favorite actor’s movie and we do have time to go to our favorite restaurant/pub. If it is in the case of NRIs, never hesitate to bribe the customs people for small electronics and few of them don’t hesitate to send money to INDIA through hawala to evade taxation. Similarly, we are doing it everywhere it is possible.

    I am making it worse by not contributing myself what I should. YES, I AM BLAMING MYSELF for not learning right lessons. One good question came from one of my another friend. What is the solution now? the attacks happened…..what should we do now? what is your solution? he was asking, why shouldn’t we attack the nation that is behind the attacks as the evidence is clear and every other nation in the world is doing the same. Yes, we should attack and we should smoke out every person behind it. Who should do it? You and me? NO, we don’t have the authority right…so, we do all the lip movement. We will hue and cry, and we write here and there to show our anger who are at the authority. Who gave them the authority? why are they not doing the right thing that we want them as they are our representatives? Because, they have their own personal interests. YES, as we are doing whatever it takes to get our things done, they are doing the same, in order to secure their job/family/business, so….they are not doing what we want them to. Do we have a right to ask them? I think, NO. Because, you and me as good people were away in electing them, as we thought that politics are dirty.

    I was explaining my friend who was arguing that mine is pure ideology which is possible in a perfect world. His point was that it is not possible, because the whole system is corrupted from top to bottom. Our grand parents thought the same, our parents thought the same, we are thinking the same and tomorrow, our children will think the same…..but, it didn’t corrupt overnight. I am not expecting a perfect IDEAL world, but since the change we need NOW for the present situation, it has to start somewhere. It has to start with ME and YOU. If we start NOW, it will take time….but, it will happen. He was saying that..so many people tried before, they got tired and they are gone…nothing has changed. Did YOU try? Did I try?….that is my answer.

    I believe the system is always right. The game and the game rules are always intact, but the players are foul playing. We are the selectors of the players, but we became the spectators. We are blaming them for failure and praising them for success. Since, we didn’t use the chance of selecting the right players, we are experiencing the bad results. If we select the right players, they use the right resources in the right way at the right time. They learn the right lessons for the betterment.

    How should we do? I should start with me and you should stat with you. Lets not think that nothing will happen….if I, alone don’t obey the rules and don’t contribute to the country as a citizen. If I start with me, behaving myself, not to entertain bribes and use the right of vote to elect the right representative…..it will fall in place. Today, me and you….tomorrow, my/your family, friends, community, region, religion and the nation. It should start at the root of the problem. My friends’ argument has been that the good people will become bad once they get the power, but it is not the case always. There are good people in the present day politics too, they are trying to do good, but they are dominated by the spoiled people around them. We need more good people to see the change. It will change if we go together. It may take little longer, but it will be permanent.

    YES, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY GUILTINESS, I learned lessons and I am determined to change. I am determined to change my family and my friends who can come with me. It may be late, but it is better than never. NO BRIBES out of my hands and NOT TO take advantage of the rules/loop holes which are unconstitutional.


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